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Hi. My name is Bryan Cook and I am a London based director of photography. I have been in the film and TV industry since 2008 and have been fortunate to work on a lot of fun and interesting projects.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I had the unique opportunity and privilege to observe Emmanuel Lubezki (Chivo), ASC on the set of To the Wonder. From this experience a passion developed inside me. I have found my calling to tell stories that resonate with the audience. I have been lucky to work with directors who possess an extremely visual understanding of the medium and for this I am grateful. I am open to collaboration on future projects with like-minded people.


I have experience with most modern digital and film cameras. Listed below are ones I have used.

ARRI Alexa Classic/SXT/SXT Plus/SXT Studio, Amira, Arriflex 235, Arriflex 435, Arricam LT

Canon C100, C300, 5D mkIII, 1DX, 1DC

Sony F5, F55, F65, F65, FS7, FS700, A7s

Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera, Pocket Cinema Camera

RED One, Epic, Dragon

Panavision Genesis, Panaflex System 65 Studio

Selected Works


Feature Films

Mad World
From Venus
Smoke and Mirrors
Through the Fire
Luke Mordue
Luke Mordue
Luke Mordue
Silvana Croft
Production Company
Mordue Pictures
Mordue Pictures
Mordue Pictures
Greenwich Pictures Entertainment

Short Films

Add Me
Monsters in the Dark
The Adventures of Sally’s Inner Demons
The Reaper
The Break
As Time Passes
The Untitled Michele Young Prison Film
Surprise Visit
Luke Mordue
Luke Mordue
Sabine Lang
Luke Mordue
Nick Cohen
Silvana Croft
Aum Chand
Michele Young
Tanja Crossley
Production Company
Mordue Pictures
Mordue Pictures
The Silver Cut Ltd.
Mordue Pictures
Aeon Film and Media
Greenwich Pictures Entertainment
Greenwich Pictures Entertainment
Art House
Crossley Films


St. Benedict Bed and Breakfast
Clothes Minded Fashion
London in 60 Seconds
Silvana Croft
Sabine Lang
Sabine Lang
Production Company
Greenwich Pictures Entertainment
Greenwich Pictures Entertainment
The Silver Cut Ltd.

Music Videos

Fly Away – Debonair
Cheat Cheat – The Shades
Better Off Dead – The Shades
This Eventually Leads Nowhere – Role Models
When She Believes – Lawrence Cann
Tonight is the Night – Lawrence Cann
Luke Mordue
Christina Almeida
Christina Almeida
Christina Almeida
Sabine Lang
Sabine Lang
Production Company
Mordue Pictures
Almeida Films
Almeida Films
Almeida Films
The Silver Cut Ltd.
The Silver Cut Ltd.


18 Scars
Mental Health in the Workplace
Buy For Less iPhone App
New Employee Orientation
New Employee Orientation
Welcome to Coca-Cola
New Employee Orientation
Get ADD-itude
Our Vision
Sabine Lang
Luke Mordue
Josh Thompson
Trent McElroy
Trent McElroy
Trent McElroy
Trent McElroy
Jill Greene
Trent McElroy
Production Company
The Silver Cut Ltd.
Mordue Pictures
Buy For Less
Chesapeake Energy
Samson Energy
Great Plains Coca-Cola
Sonic Drive-In

My Kit

Camera Kit

(1) 16GB SxS Pro Memory Card
(2) 32GB SxS-1 Memory Cards
(1) Extended Battery (Sony BP-U60)
(1) Regular Stock Battery (Sony BP-U30)
LCD Sun Hood
Pelican Storm Case iM2700
GoPro HD Hero w/32GB SD Memory Card
0.5m XLR Male to Female Cable

Camera Support

Manfrotto 504HD 75mm Tripod Head
Manfrotto 546B Tripod Legs w/Mid Spreader
RedRockMicro Shoulder Mount
RedRockMicro microbalance Weight
Shoulder Cushion
RedRockMicro FollowFocus v2
RedRockMicro LensGears A,B,C,D
3’ Kessler Cineslider w/All-Terrain Outrigger Feet
Kessler Flat Mount Adapter
Kessler 100mm High Hat w/100mm to 75mm Bowl Adapter, M10 Knob
Manfrotto 503HD Tripod Head

DoP Kit

Sekonic L-758Cine Lightmeter
Gaffers Glass (2.1ND)
Gaffer’s Tape
Black Wrap
20” C-Stand w/Turtle Base
(6) ½” CTB Gel Sheets
(6) ½” CT0 Gel Sheets
(6) New Hampshire Frost Gel Sheets
(2) Heat Shield Sheets
0.6 ND Gel Roll
CTO, CTB, and Diffusion Gels
Quaker Clamp
3” Junior Wall Plate
Lanyard for Gaffer’s Tape
Junior to Baby Adapter
Grip Clips
Black Crutch Tips
Dolly Track Wedges
Dolly Cribbing
Warm and Cool Cards
18% Grey Cards
X-Rite Color Checker Passport
Latex-free gloves
Tennis Balls (for ends of Gobo Arms)
C47s (Wooden Clothespins)
(10) White Double-Wick Candles
(10) 60W Frosted Bulbs (E27)
(4) 140W Clear Bulbs (E27)
(10) 100W Clear Bulbs (E27)
(10) 100W Frosted Bulbs (E27)
(4) 3W Flicker Flame Candle Bulb (B22)
(4) 300W Dimmers
(4) 250W Bare Bulb Receptacles
Streaks ‘N Tips Spray (Dulling Spray)
Frosted Shower Curtain
Wescott 6-in-1 Reflector with Mounting Arm
2ft x 1½ft Flag Kit – (2) Flags, (1) Silk, (1) Single Net, (2) Double Nets
Phoenix Heat Resistant Gloves
Fingerless Gloves
Mains Socket Tester
4-way Mains Spiltter
Battery Belt Pouch

Assistant Cameraman Kit

Don Earl Slate/Clapperboard
Dry Erase Markers
Jumbo AC Pouch
2” Padded Belt
Imperial and Metric Allen Wrenches & Torx Keys
Kimtech Lens Tissues
Pancro Lens Cleaning Fluid
Puffer Brush
Grease Pencils
Pencil Sharpener
50ft Keson Fiberglass Tape Measure
8m/26ft Metal Tape Measure
USB Flexible Light
(2) 10ft BNC Cables
15ft BNC Cable
1ft BNC Cable
Tie Wraps
Camera Wedges
(20) Alkaline Extra Longlife AA Batteries
(2) Camera “T” Markers
Black Camera Tape
1” White Gaffer Tape
½” Paper Tape (Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green)
Masking Tape
Needlenose pliers, Pliers, and Clippers
Magnifier w/LED
Bongo Cable Ties
BNC “T” Connectors/Splitter
Re-Usable Silica Gel Packs
“T” Screwdriver
BNC to RCA Adapters
BNC Female to Female Coupler Adapters
BNC Male to Male Coupler Adapters
Laser Pointer
Bullseye Level
Pocket Bubble Level
Magnifying Glass with LEDs
All-Weather Camera Blanket
Ken-air Compressed Air
Assorted Screwdriver
CF/SD USB 3.0 Card Reader
Sensor Cleaning Kit
Dual Lock
19mm Rod Acessory Clamp
15mm Road Accessory Clamp
19mm Road 90-Degree Attachment
Magic Arm
Cube Tap
3/8inch to 5/8inch Screw Adapter
5/8inch to 3/8inch Screw Adapter
3/8inch to 3/8inch Male Screw Adapter

Computing Equipment

Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black 4K Laptop
Wacom Intous4 Medium Tablet


Adobe Creative Cloud
Final Draft 9
MovieMagic Scheduling
Red Giant Shooter Suite 12 (BulletProof, Frames, Instant HD, PluralEyes)
Red Giant Trapcode Suite 12.1 (3D Stroke, Echospace, Form 2, Horizon, Lux, Mir, Particular, Shine, Sound Keys, Starglow)
Red Giant Color Suite 11 (Colorista II, Cosmo, Denoiser II, LUT Buddy, Looks, Mojo)
Red Giant Guru Suite
FilmConvert Pro 2
VideoCopilot Evolution
VideoCopilot Action Essentials 2: 720p
VideoCopilot Pro Scores
VideoCopilot Designer Sound FX
VideoCopilot Twitch
VideoCopilot Riot Gear
VideoCopilot The Bullet


MSc Cinematography and Post Production – Distinction

University of Greenwich – London, UK

BSc Physics

Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, OK, USA

MLA Film Production and Directing – High Honors

Oklahoma City University – Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Professional Memberships

American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) – ‘Friend of’/Clubhouse Member
Association of Camera Operators (ACO) – ‘Friend of’
British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society (BKSTS) – Council Member