Through the Fire

Nearly a year has passed since Lady Emily Blake’s husband, Sir Robert, passed away leaving her with a vast estate and a young infant to tend for. Emily’s parents now seek to remarry her to another noble to ensure the continuation of their status in society; however, their plans are upset when the new gardener, Thomas, appears on the property and stumbles into Emily’s world. Together, Emily and Thomas’ love ignites, but can their desire survive under the harsh code of the times?

Directors: Silvana Croft and Bryan Cook
Writers: Bryan Cook and Tanja Cook
Producer: Silvana Croft
Associate Producer: Michael Johns
Production Designer: Monika Hlavata
Director of Photography: Bryan Cook
Editors: Khedive Appa and Alexander Dunk
Sound Supervisor: Daniel Jezreel

1st AD: Tom Cressey
Production Manager: Silvana Croft

Camera Operators: Nauan Barros and Bryan Cook
1st AC: Sama Crawford
2nd AC: Domenico Palomba
DIT: Mark Lever
Dolly Grip: Alexander Dunk, Khedive Appa, Domenico Palomba

Gaffer: Khedive Appa
Best Buy Electric: Alexander Dunk

Costume Design: Stephanie Szumlakowski, Monika Hlavata, Eleanor Coole-Green
Hair and Makeup Artists: Stephanie Szumlakowski, Monika Hlavata, Molly Drumm
Storyboard Artist: Khedive Appa

Casting Director: Silvana Croft
Casting Assistant: Erena Bordon

Script Supervisor: Margaux Rem
Script Editors: Michael Johns and Mark Lever

Diagloue and ADR Editor: Daniel Jezreel

Production Assistants: Raquel Burgos, Domenico Palomba, Tom Cressey, Margaux Rem, Erena Bordon

Emily Stunt Double: Tillie Brown

Borde Hill Gardens
Eleni Stephens Clarke
Jonny Morris
Sarah Fields

St. Benedict – Victorian Bed and Breakfast
Paul Oxborrow
Stephen Groves

Borde Hill Estate
Richard Ponsford

Hosts: Peter Croft, Stephen Groves, Paul Oxborrow, Rob Pointz

Horse Handler: Tille Brown and The Brown Family

Drivers: Joseph Capp, Peter Croft, Silvana Croft, Tom Cressey, Ian Cuddy

Emily Blake || Grace Calder
Thomas || Joseph Capp
Mrs. Adams|| Marysia Trembecka
Mr. Adams || Timur
Preston || David Scott-Lucas
Molly || Samantha Roylance
Johnathan || Ian Cuddy
The Duke of Devonshire || Tom Richards
Mrs. Palmerston || Chrissie White

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